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Visas with work permit

Australia has a unique way of dealing with foreign non-citizens who take on certain occupations in the country.

You yourself must have noted that most of the other countries require a work permit from foreign nationals before they can find employment in their areas of jurisdiction.  This is on top of the visa.  For them, visas and work permits are two different entities.  In fact, in most cases, a visa serves as a requirement for foreigners to obtain a work permit.

Not in Australia. Work permit is not being issued here per se by the government.  What it does is, it issues certain types of visas that have work rights.

That’s how straightforward the government is in treating this aspect of immigration and border protection.

If you are a jobseeking non-citizen here, you should rejoice.  You only need to get hold of certain visas that have work rights to be able to find employment here.  That’s quite a favor, don’t you think so?

Select from various visas with Australia work permit

And, as if that favor is not huge enough, the Commonwealth government also offers not just one, two or three subclasses of working visas for skilled workers and other professionals like you.  It dangles several types for you to choose from.

You can choose between a temporary and permanent work visa.  You can also opt to work in places with a small population if you want to stay away from the stress of city living.  Australia would gladly welcome you to these places.

Speaking of visas with work rights, one type that stands out from the rest is subclass 457.  This visa is the one responsible for bringing in foreign skilled workers for the industries and businesses that find a hard time finding talents from the local market.

This visa, however, will be superseded by Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa this coming March 2018.  But even if it will be sporting a new name soon, it will still remain as a favorite choice for international skilled workers hunting for jobs here.  So, you better keep yourself updated on the developments about this visa.  And there’s no better place for you to get fresh news about TSS visa and other immigration issues than on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe.  If you wish, you may also keep in touch with any of our personnel at Nowak Migration through phone or email.

As we have just have mentioned, there are people who shun urban living and prefer to stay and work in places that are close to nature and with fewer people.  City life proves stressful to them.

If you are that type of person, you are lucky: there’s a visa type that’s designed just for you.  This is called Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa or subclass 187.  With this visa, you will have a work permit in Australia to work in industries and businesses in states and territories that have low population.  We have a term for these localities — Regional Australia.  These are small cities or towns outside of the huge and developed metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Not only skilled workers stand a chance to get hold of Australian visas with work rights.  Even international students are granted with student visas with provisions for work.  You may not believe it but it’s true.  Most English-speaking countries don’t have such kind of benefit for their foreign students.  But Australia goes to great lengths to accommodate student workers.  This is yet another unique offer from the generous Commonwealth government.

Remember – Australian tourist visa has a “no work” condition, which means you can’t work in Australia as a holder of a visitor visa.

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Successful visa application with Nowak Migration

Processing of visas (with work rights) constitutes one of the strong suits of our company. The list of applicants that we have helped obtain Australian working visas is growing by the day.

For instance, if you want employer-sponsored visas, we can assist you in getting the popular Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or subclass 186 as well as the RSMS visa that we have discussed a bit earlier.  If you prefer the skilled visas, we can offer to help you apply for subclasses 189, 190 or 489.

These subclasses are just some of the many we help process for our clients.  Depending on your skills, qualifications, experiences, needs, and preferences, there is always a working visa for you.

You and your family deserve a better life here in Australia.  Stop toiling in a job that can only provide you with a hand to mouth existence.  Give yourself the income, the perks and the esteem that you deserve as a professional or as an able worker.

You must have known some countrymen of yours who are now happily enjoying their new lives and their high-paying jobs here, not to mention the reputable and high-standard schools their kids are enrolled in.

All you need to do now is to reach out to us, so we can discuss with you your personal situation.

You may ask: What can Nowak Migration do for you?

Our answer to your question is this: We will be with you from step number one of the process up until you obtain your dream visa. Step one for us means the evaluation of your situation whether or not you have a chance for success.  And if you have, we will help you prepare for the next steps.  But if you don’t, we will tell you upfront not to waste your time, money and effort for a hopeless proposition.  We don’t give you false hopes just so you can avail of our services.  We are not that kind of a company.  Rather, we aim for a win-win outcome between you and us.

So, what are you waiting for?  Do not dilly-dally on your decision.  The beginning of the year proves to be the best time to come to the country because businesses, states and territories are in such hurry to fill in their organizations with qualified and experienced people like you.

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