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Nowak Migration areas of expertise

We don’t just do visas – we solve your migration goals instead. Do you care what type of visa will you hold? I doubt. No matter if you want to work, study, live in Australia permanently or just visit Australia as a tourist we will find out what would be the best scenario to achieve your goals. So leave all the boring and confusing visa stuff for us and take care of more important things in your life, such as having a good time with your family or … fishing. No matter what is your situation we will check what could be done to achieve your goal and advise the timeline and steps to get where you want to be.

If you are a business owner employing overseas workers we can help you fulfill your obligations as a sponsor. If you are unable to find a right people in a local labor market, we may help you find employees overseas.

If you are living in Noosa or Sunshine Coast (QLD), please call us on (07) 5405-9551 to discuss your situation or book an appointment with our migration consultant.

If you are living anywhere else in Australia or the world – call us or send us an email – we’re here for you.

Permanent residency

There are various ways for a person to get an Australian permanent resident status. There’s a skilled migration where your work history and education matters such as:

and there is a family stream where your Australian family is taken into consideration such as:

We’ll check and advise which way is the best to go and will lead you all the way through the agreed path.

Work visas

Work visas are for people who possess skills which are in demand in Australia and there is an employer willing to give them a job. Most popular temporary skilled visas are 457 visa and TSS visa, however, there is a range of other less known visas which might better suit your needs such as 400, 408 or 407 visas. Although 407 is considered rather as a student than work visa as it is a training visa, it allows you to upskill a person while they’ll actually work for you.

Student Visa

Would you like to expand your horizons and Study in Australia? We can assist with choosing the right course and follow up with a visa application. Paulina is an experienced Education Agent and has helped many people to choose the right course. We do cooperate with many schools and are able to organize CoE, Health insurance, and the other documents as required. Adding your partner to the visa application is also included in a visa process.

Tourist visa

For some countries getting a visitor visa is like a breeze – just state your name and you’ll get the visa if few minutes for free. For some others, it’s a mission impossible if you don’t know how to tackle the system. We’re here to help. Give us a call to discuss the right strategy.

Resident Return Visa

Do you know after 5 years travel facility of your permanent visa will expire and you’ll have to apply for a resident return visa if you’d like to travel overseas? Did you stuck in an airport because your permanent visa “has expired”  because you did not know you’d have to apply for RRV?

Health check for businesses

Have you been approved as a standard business sponsor for 457 visa? Do you know there are certain obligations you must meet every year otherwise you might lose your sponsorship status and/or your overseas employees might get their visas canceled?

Recruitment of overseas talent

Are you a business owner and have no luck with getting the right people from the local labor market? Did you consider sponsoring overseas people for a visa? We can help you find a right talent for your organization, no matter it is a chef, mechanic or IT professional – we have quite extensive connections, representatives in Europe and database full of skilled prospective migrants. Dependant on your situation we may assist with 457 visa, TSS visa, ENS / RSMS visa, 407, 400, 408,190, 489 just to name the most popular. Did you know that some states will issue with a nomination for 190 or 489 visa if a visa applicant will have a genuine job offer?


After 4 years living in Australia, a person might be eligible for an Australian Citizenship and an Australian Passport. There are also other requirements which must be fulfilled. We will assist with all the paperwork, and most importantly, be making sure you do qualify for a citizenship at all. Did you know that BVE or an unlawful non-citizen status resets the time for citizenship eligibility?

Australian Residency for New Zealand citizens

Although New Zealand citizens can live and work in Australia until the end of their days, as a Special Category visa holders they are not eligible for most of the Australian welfare benefits. It might be paramount for their future and future of their children to consider applying for permanent residency and subsequently for an Australian citizenship. Did you know that New Zealanders who came to Australia before a specific date might be eligible for an Australian citizenship straight away without applying for permanent residency?

Labour Market Testing

One of the most important requirements for employer-sponsored visas for a business is to convince a department of immigration they were unable to find an employee with a required skill set in a local labor market.  We can assist with that if required.

Skills assessment

Dependant on a visa type skills assessment issued by a relevant assessment authority might be necessary for a visa application to be considered at all.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Have you got many years of experience in the trade, but do not hold a relevant qualification. We will assist with a formal recognition to get a certificate from a local institution. A certificate will show your experience is comparable to Australian standards. Such a document sometimes is necessary for a skills assessment and may also help you to convince a prospective employer you’ve got the right skills for the role.

Follow up with visa application and department requests.

Did you DIY your visa application and run into trouble because case officer is asking tricky questions and you don’t know how to answer, have you been naughty and now department wants to cancel your visa? Whether it’s been s56 request for more information or Notice of intention to consider cancellation (NOICC) or other matters we’re here to help.

Arrangement of a health insurance for visa applicants

We do cooperate with Australian health funds which have been appointed by a department of immigration as suitable for the issuance of health insurances for various visas.

Above are just main scenarios of our excellence. Should you have any other migration-related questions – please do not hesitate to call us. Do you still have any concerns if we are the right people to take care of your future in Australia? We are honest and transparent, you can check our migration agent fees before even considering us as your migration consultant. You may also wish to check references on our facebook page (don’t forget to like us there).

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