Consultation policy

Please ensure you have read our Consultation Policy, the Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct and Consumer Guide before booking time.

We offer paid and free consultations dependant on your situation and meeds.

To book a consultation please see here. Cancellations incur a $50 admin fee.

Please contact us on +61 (o7)  5625 3087 if you have any questions on making a booking.

What to expect from FREE consultation with Migration Agent

During FREE initial consultations (as defined by a Migration Agents Code of Conduct), migration agent will assess and advise your potential eligibility for particular visa or migration matter (either: skilled, work, employer sponsored, partner, parent, business, student, merits review with AAT, etc).  Free consulttions are limited usually to 15 – 20 minutes.

This initial consultation is not suitable for situations where:
– you have lodged application yourself and asking for advice or review of your application.
– you want to apply for a skilled visa yourself and seeking the advice such us “what are the chances, which state is the best to submit EOI, how to respond to Home Affairs or State Government requests, comments about processing times for lodged application”.

We can potentially answer above as part of paid consultation or separate service. Generally – if you need comprehensive assessment or have specific questions related to your immigration matter, you should consider paid consultation, instead.

What to expect from PAID consultation with Migration Agent

Length of PAID consultations are usually 40 minutes or more. During paid consultation you’ll receive detailed information about your visa or migration matter prospects, application process, expected fees and timing. Consultnt will also answer your questions related to migration and citizenship laws. Most of the time you will also receive a follow up email with a summary of consulation. It is paramount to provide information about your situation ahead of time as your consultant will take their time to prepare themselves for this type of consultation, doing a research as / if required and follow up later.

Don’t be mislead that you are paying for 40-45 minutes of consultants time. In the matter of fact, it takes sometimes hours of time of our consultants and administrative staff before and after consultation.

The purpose of the initial consultation

The initial consultation aims to understand your immigration situation in detail, assessing eligibility and potential pathways based on the information you provide. We help identify relevant immigration options, offer tailored advice, and outline pros, cons, risks, and application stages. Additionally, we provide estimated processing times and costs, enabling you to make informed decisions about your immigration goals.

Required information (Mandatory)

It will be best if you provide us with information on your background before your consultation.
Please send us a link to your LinkedIn Profile, resume, and/or fill this questionnaire.


Upon booking your consultation via our website, payment is required immediately. By booking, you agree to a non-refundable fee for the consultation.


You can reschedule your consultation online with 12 hours’ notice or more. For changes within 12 hours, please call our office at (07) 5625 3087 to reschedule.


Cancellations incur a $50 administration fee

Lateness and No Shows

We do not provide refunds for lateness or missed appointments. In exceptional cases where unforeseen circumstances beyond your control lead to a cancellation, we may consider refunds on an individual basis. If you miss your scheduled appointment, the consultation fee is non-refundable, and you will need to re-book by paying the fee again. It’s essential to arrive on time for your consultation, as arriving late may result in a shorter session due to room and consultant’s availability constraints.

Consultant unavailable

If your chosen consultant is unavailable due to unexpected circumstances, we will either reschedule your appointment at no extra cost or arrange for the next available consultant on the same day.


Consultations assess visa eligibility but do not guarantee ongoing assistance or application success.

Although we are dealing with these matters on a regular basis as part of visa process, we can not give any advice related to taxation, social security, bussiness law, criminal law, family law or other areas of law outside of Migration and Citizenship.

Consultation is not legal or migration representation

The applicant acknowledges that the consultation does not establish us as authorized representatives for immigration applications. While the initial consultation is mandatory, you are not obligated to engage us for application preparation; the decision entirely rests with you.

Agreement of terms

Booking an appointment signifies your understanding and acceptance of the Consumer Guide and our Consultation Policy. Engaging our services will require a separate agreement, distinct from the consultation.