485 visa Australia ?

Vital info you need to know about 485 visa Australia

Subclass 485, more formally known as Temporary Graduate visa, is such an opportunity-laden visa.

The problem, however, is that the benefits offered by 485 visa are not properly taken advantage of because of some lapses on the part of the visa holder.  More often than not, these errors are unfortunate because they could have been avoided given proper guidance by a competent migration consultant.

We write this article precisely for that reason: so you won’t fall into the traps suffered by many holders of this visa who regretfully miss some chances of a lifetime such as an Australian permanent residency in the land of opportunities.

Yes, it’s sad.  But you need not be.  Our company Nowak Migration will not let the same predicament befall you.

What is Temporary Graduate 485 visa Australia?

Before we proceed to the meat of this article, let’s discuss a little what subclass 485 is.  Temporary Graduate visa is intended for international students like you who have completed a course in an Australian educational institution here.  We emphasize the word “here” because you may be able to graduate from an Australian school without being physically present in Australia. Example of this is when you enroll in a correspondence course of an Australian university or when you finish a course in an Australian school whose campus is located outside the country.  There isa an Australian study requirement which must be fulfilled for a student to be considered for a 485 visa.

Subclass 485 visa has two streams, namely

  • Graduate Work stream, and
  • Post-Study Work stream.

The Graduate Work stream is intended for you if you are an international student who finishes a course, while on a student visa in Australia, with skills and qualifications that are in demand in the Australian labor market in category of trades.  Such demand can be determined through the list of authorized skilled occupations.  A Graduate Work stream visa is normally valid for 18 months. Please keep in mind a formal skills assessment will be required for this steam of 485 visa.

On the other hand, if you are a graduate of a degree in higher education, the Post-Study Work stream is for you.  It gives you lengthened options to work in Australia.

Visa of this stream lasts anywhere from two to four years depending on the level of educational qualifications you have completed.  For instance, if you obtain a bachelor degree or a master’s degree, you can be granted a visa that’s valid for two years.  A master’s by Research Degree can earn for you a visa valid for three years, while a doctoral degree is good for four years.

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What’s in it for you?

Temporary Graduate 485 visa Australia gives you full work rights in Australia anywhere from 18 months to four years depending on the course that you have completed as discussed above.

While here, you can have the opportunity to travel.  Your family can also stay temporarily in the country after you have finished your studies.

But the most attractive opportunity of them all is the chance to ultimately obtain a permanent residency visa.  You can always use subclass 485 as a stepping stone towards the attainment of this goal.

Please take note, though, of two important points:

One, you should be the one to find your work here.  The Commonwealth government does not do it for you.  But you don’t need to worry about it because there are several groups providing information to jobseekers like you.  In fact, the government maintains one website for that purpose.

Two, when you apply for this visa, please make sure that you must be physically present in the country at the time of the lodgement and when the application is decided.

Other issues to watch out for

This visa brings a lot of promise for you and your family, but, as we said earlier in this article, there are traps that you need to be careful for.

First of all, you need to be wary about timing.  Filing of application for this visa should be done within six months of the completion of your course, not on the graduation date.  Many students mistake the graduation date as the time to lodge the application.  That’s not the case.  In fact, your graduation may be months away before you are notified of the result of your visa application.

Another thing you need to secure is the school documents.  You may think this is a simplistic reminder, a no-brainer even.  But please note that schools don’t automatically release your records.  You should be the one to request your documents from your school.

You even need to monitor the length of time that you are physically present in Australia.  This visa requires you to be here for at least 16 months from the start of your studies to the end of your studies.

This becomes complicated if you are able to complete your course ahead of schedule or if you have travelled overseas for a considerable amount of time while being enrolled in a course here.

When in doubt, seek the help of Nowak Migration

 The three points that we have mentioned here are just some of the many concerns that you have to watch out for.  There are still many.

As you can see, these possible pitfalls are something you can easily avoid.  The problem with being easy, though, is that they can also be easily overlooked or brushed aside.

Hence, when you are in doubt, ask.  Never assume.

And when you have questions, ask the authority in the industry.  In particular, ask Nowak Migration.

Our company has been in the business long enough to know the ins and outs of every visa (and its subclasses and streams) of the Commonwealth of Australia, much more when it comes to student visas.

Student visas, like subclass 485, have been one of our specialties.  True, there are many areas that need to be looked into when you apply for this visa.  That’s why it takes a trained eye of a veteran migration specialist to spot them and find solutions for them.

If you are now about to lodge your application for a Temporary Graduate visa or you have already lodged an application but need help in the process, please don’t hesitate to call us.

We will certainly be of help to you.