Queensland 190 and 491 visa update May 2020


Information provided during a webinar presented by BSMQ in May 2020


BSMQ may open a skilled program in July 2020 with limited quota (TBC by Home Affairs).

Home Affairs’ total nomination allocation for FY20-21 will be announced in October 2020.

Subclass 491 program is still open to onshore applicants and offshore medical professionals. There are still quite a few 491 nominations available. If you’re waiting for 190 to open – you may need to reconsider as chances are 190 visa programm will not be opened before October.

BSMQ is taking a more flexible approach to those who have been stood down, providing they can show a letter of support from an employer to evidence a job will still be available once restrictions ease further.

The 491 SBO program is still open (May 2020).

QSOL’s (Queensland Skilled List of Occupation) are currently being reviewed. No detailed information available now, but significant changes are possible.

New month by month Quota Management System will be introduced in FY 20/21

Home Affairs will release quotas for states in October. QLD may have some limited quota allocated in July – yet to be confirmed.



  • State-nominated provisional residency visa
  • Pathway to permanent residency – 191
  • Live and work full-time in a regional area for 3 years to be eligible for permanent residency
  • Receive 15 additional points for state nomination
  • Same requirements as subclass 190 nomination (minimum 65 points, under 45 years, positive skills assessment, competent English)
  • Onshore requirements: need 3 months’ employment in the nominated occupation in a regional area and 1-year job offer
  • Offshore – min. 2 years’ work experience (unless otherwise indicated)
  • List of occupations available on BSMQ website


  • Use of existing 491 program (must meet 491 requirements).
  • Investment of a minimum of 100K in regional business, cost of purchasing a business, but other start-up costs, asset costs, marketing costs can also be included in that $100k.
  • It must be a pre-existing business, can’t be a start-up.
  • A visa applicant must run the business after purchase for at least 6 months prior to lodging EOI.
  • Employ 1 Australian resident. Could be a temporary resident – a minimum of 20 hrs per week. Can be employed any time – it’s OK as long as they’re working at the time of EOI
  • Negates the need to be an employee elsewhere
  • $100,000 investment – the cost of purchasing a business, but other startup costs, asset costs, marketing costs can also be included in that $100k.

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