Australia PR points calculator 2019

Before checking your PR residency visa score, it might be a good idea ensuring if your occupation is included in a list of occupations eligible for 189, 190 or 489 visa, and your English is at least on a “Competent” level. You can check which English language tests are accepted by Australian Immigration here. Another factor you have to consider if whether you’ll be able to get a positive outcome of a skills assessment, as it is mandatory for 189, 190 and 489 visas.

Although 65 points should suffice for 189 visa, Department of Home Affairs is sending invitations to 189 visa applicants who have scored at least 70-75 points (depends on an occupation and a round of invitations). To make things more complex 189 New Zealand stream applications are counted towards a 189 visas quota for a financial year living fewer places for the other nationalities applying for 189 visa.

To maximize your chances of success in some instances you should consider 190 or 489 visas. If you are already working in Australia RSMS visa or ENS visa (also called 186 visa) could be a fantastic alternative if your employer would be willing to help you. As you may expect we are more than happy to take care of your Australian permanent residency visa application. Contact us if you’d have any questions or would like to engage us in your migration process.  You can also book a consultation online or give us a call.

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Please go ahead with checking your points. Do remember we are here to help, so no matter what’s the score we may have a look at your situation and advise what shall be done to get your Australian permanent residency visa sorted.

If you need to discuss your situation book a consultation – we’ll check your eligibility for a visa. There is a fee for consultation.