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Are you a highly skilled individual, boasting of a university degree from a reputable school in your country and have worked in some blue chip companies at home but suddenly found yourself without work?

If you are, we are not surprised. You may need a working visa Australia.

Thousands – Nah, make it tens of thousands — of highly skilled, academically equipped (many even have masters and doctoral degrees from top universities and colleges in their country), and amply experienced workers and professionals all over the world are out of work.  Or, if ever they are employed, they are not properly paid according to their qualifications.  Meaning, they are underemployed.

Sadly, there’s an army of unemployed and underemployed workers and professionals out there right at this very moment.

That’s what we mean when we said we are not actually surprised if you are a part of the census because that’s the reality of the world right now.  No, we are not only talking about the countries in the Third World, we are also talking about the so-called developed countries.  Places in Europe, North America and other First World countries are grappling with the same problem for their working population.  There are doctors of Physics, for instance, who should have been working in NASA but end up doing customer service work for some online companies, highly trained educators making do with caregiving work, or electronics and communications engineers accepting carpentry jobs just to make both ends meet.

The list is endless.

If you have been mired in this undesirable situation for so long, the brand new year may finally give you the needed break that you have always been looking for.

Come to Australia

Yes, the answer to your nagging problem is the only island-continent country in the world – Australia.  You may ask yourself: Why have I not thought about this vast country?  Well, we can’t fault you for that.  The Land Down Under has always maintained a low profile despite its enviable stature in the league of nations.  Hence, it goes under the radar for overseas workers like you.

Not anymore.  We at Nowak Migration inform you right now that if you have the skills that the states or territories in the country are looking for — more so if you have the required qualifications — your prospects for employment here could not be brighter.

We tell you this: There’s always an employer willing to sponsor you for a visa if you have these skills and qualifications that are needed in the country these days.

Several working visas Australia to choose from

Yet another piece of good news about Australian working visas is that the Commonwealth government does not only offer one, two or three types of visas for skilled workers like you.  Rather, there’s a long list of visas for you to select depending on your personal situation as a worker or as a professional.

There’s equally a long list of ways to obtain them.  For instance, using SkillSelect, you can be nominated for a skilled visa by a state or territory government in Australia to work in their area of jurisdiction.  If not, an employer here who is unable to find a talent in the local market may nominate you for a type of skilled visa if your skills and qualifications are needed in their company.  If not, the Australian government itself can serve as your sponsor for a working visa.  There are many possibilities for you to be offered a working visa in Australia.  You just need to have the needed skills, qualifications or experiences.

As we said earlier, there’s a myriad of skilled visa types for your choice if you intend to work here.  For starters, you can choose between a provisional visa or a permanent one.  For obvious reasons, the majority of visa applicants would opt for visas that afford permanent residency here.   It goes without saying that permanent residents enjoy better perks than the holders of provisional visas.  But there are applicants that cannot qualify for outright permanent residency, so they would have to settle for provisional visas.  They need not worry, though.  Their problem is also temporary because, if they are able to comply with the requirements of their provisional visas, they may have the option to lodge another application for a permanent one in the future.

Examples of popular Australian working visas

 If we mention about working visas in Australia, certain visa types or subclasses immediately come to the fore.  One of the most popular ones is the subclass 457, which will be replaced by Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa this coming March 2018.  Australia may be a huge country but it lacks skilled workers in certain industries; companies could not just find the right talents from the local market.  That’s why they hunt for their workers from outside the country.  More often, they offer subclass 457 to their recruits.  TSS visa only offers you temporary residency but, again, if you are able to satisfactorily comply with the requirements of this visa, you may have the option to apply for a subclass that offers permanent residency.

If you are the type of person that enjoys living in a laidback environment, away from the cares of the world, there’s a visa type that’s just right for you.  This is called Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa subclass 187.  You will be working in what we call regional Australia – these are small cities or towns outside of Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.  Examples of regional Australia are Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

A note on SkillSelect

You may wonder what SkillSelect is.  It is an online facility of the government of Australia used to streamline visa applications, thereby helping speed up the process.  If you want to be considered for a work visa, all you have to do is submit an expression of interest (EOI) through this facility.  An EOI serves as a notice from you that you want to be nominated for a skilled visa.  Please note that EOI is not yet an application for an Australian visa.

Through SkillSelect, an employer, a state or territory government or the Australian government itself may nominate you if you are found to be qualified to take on available occupations here that require your skills.

Work with Nowak Migration for your working visa Australia

There are more topics and issues to discuss about work visas. we will not write about all of them now, but don’t be worried – Nowak Migration can accommodate all your concerns about your specific situation in relation to your visa application.

Facilitating the application and approval of your working visa is one of our strongest suits.  We have lost count of the number of clients whom we have helped secure a 457 visa.  And after they successfully satisfied the conditions of their employment and their temporary visas, we helped them obtain permanent residency here. Also, our list of clients who have availed of the RSMS visa has always been on the up and up.  Many immigrants must have grown tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life that they opted to ply their trade in the little towns and cities of regional Australia.  Now they are living happily and peacefully with their families in the state or territory of their choice.

These two subclasses are just some of several visas we help process for our customers.

We bet you would also want to go the way of our happy and contented clientele.  If you choose Nowak Migration, you wouldn’t regret it.  We are full-service firm dedicated to the provision of superior migration services in Australia.  That means, if you have concerns about your visa application or any issues about migration to Australia, in general, we are the company to turn to for help.

You must have heard about people getting ripped off by scammers posing as legit migration agencies.  Not with Nowak Migration!

In fact, we do not believe in wasting your time, much more your money. We will tell you upfront whether you have reasonable prospects of success.  We will not give you false hopes.  While on the phone, we talk through the possibilities open for you, so you will better understand your case and your rights under the migration law and regulations.

If we find that you have a potential to be an immigrant here, that’s the time when we arrange a meeting with you.  You will sit down face to face with one of our veteran consultants to further verify the requirements of your case and advise you accordingly.  If we do not have a qualified professional to speak with you when you call, we will take note of your details and have an expert migration agent call you back the soonest that we can.

When you call Nowak Migration now, expect a friendly staff to spend time with you to identify the area of migration law your concerns relate to and set up a consultation or pass you on to qualified migration agent.

So stop being unemployed or underemployed in your own country or in another country right now.  Give yourself the income, the privileges, and the esteem as a professional or as a skilled worker that you deserve.  Get a job in Australia.

There’s no better time to come here than at the start of this year as various businesses, states and territories are scampering to fill in their organizations with the right people to help achieve their objectives for the year and the succeeding years.

We will wait for your call.  Our hotline is (07) 3668 0658.  Or let us know your situation by dropping us a message through email or via our website.

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    I am in India at this present time and looking for work in Australia.I was living in Melbourne for 5 years and then come back to my country.

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      It’s easier to find a job being in Australia with work rights, than overseas without work rights. Please book a consultation – we’ll have a look at your situation.

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    Yes I want to apply for work visa.please send me some detail about visa fee etc.

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      There is a lot of information about visas to Australia on this website. Do yourself a favor and book a consultation so we’ll check your individual situation and advise accordingly.

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    I want to work in Australia, am a good sign writer with 10years a Nigeriain!

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