Visa Caveats That May Have an Impact on Your Visa


Are you a holder of a temporary Australian work visa, specifically that which falls under 457 or TSS visa program or you intend to lodge for such a visa?

Then you may need to do a review of the caveats that are attendant to it.  This is especially pressing in the light of the changes that the country’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) intends to implement in the visa system.  Even more crucial is the fact that the DIBP has already made some changes (as of April 2017).

What is Visa Caveat?

Before we go any further, you may have some questions as to what caveats are.  First of all, caveat is a Latin term that stands for certain stipulations, limitations or conditions imposed on any legal agreement or transaction.  In the case of your work visa, caveats are conditions that you (and even your employer) have to abide by if you are being sponsored to undertake certain occupation.

Limitations for certain occupations

For instance, if you are being sponsored as a café or restaurant manager, you cannot be working in a casual or fast food business, in a pub or in any similar outlet offering limited services.  In addition, you cannot be sponsored by a coffee shop, mall café or limited service pizza restaurant.  If in case you intend to work as a hairdresser, you can only be sponsored on a 457 visa if you have more than two years of experience.

These are just some examples as to how visa caveats impact on your work and your stay in the country.  There’s a myriad of major and minute details that need to be looked into just to make sure you are working in Australia legally.

Visa caveats affect 59 occupations here.  Chances are, the industry in which you are currently toiling may be one of them.

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List of visa caveats

Positions for which occupation is inapplicable.

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