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Nowak Migration is your local migration agency on the Sunshine Coast.

Charles (also known as Karol) is assisting with visa applications since 2012 (Migration Agent Registration Number 1280062). He has extensive experience in various visa applications – work visas, partner visas, permanent residency, child visas, parent visas, Australian citizenship, Australian visas for New Zealanders, sponsorship compliance for visa sponsors, and is also representing clients in the AAT  – just to mention a few areas of his expertise.

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Migration Agent Sunshine Coast?

With temperatures in many different parts of the world at record lows in recent years — with some places even experiencing snow only very recently in their lives — many are sent packing some of their belongings and heading for the warmer regions of the planet to escape the brutal cold.

And speaking of the warmer regions of the world, one place always stands out: Australia. This unique island-continent nation is synonymous with sun, sunshine, warmth, brightness, etc. But there’s one particular part of the country that is a cut above the others. That place is called the Sunshine Coast situated in the state of Queensland. (Yes, there’s more to Queensland than Brisbane.)

Just hearing the name Sunshine Coast already gives you an idea of what to expect from the place. And it does not disappoint you.

 What’s in Sunshine Coast name?

There’s always a reason behind the name of a place. In the case of Sunshine Coast, that reason is pretty obvious. Step into the shores of this place and you will immediately realize why it is called such.

Sunshine Coast is really such a sunny place with long coastlines dotted with numerous pristine white beaches that span as far as your eyes can see. Warmer days dominate the colder and rainy ones. Needless to say, if you are the person who has a particular fondness of the three S’s — the sun, the sea, and the sand — then this place is just right for you.

 Trusted migration agent on a Sunshine Coast

True, the place is really worth visiting, if not spending your retirement years in. But you may be wondering if a dependable migration company is servicing the needs of guests, visitors, and migrants coming to Noosa and Sunshine Coast.

Fortunately, the answer is yes. There is an expert migration agent located in Noosa that you can call upon to help sort out your concerns about coming to this place. And you need not look far because that company is our very own Nowak Migration Sunshine Coast.

We are just one of the few legit companies that take care of the immigration concerns of foreign citizens looking to spend their valuable time in the paradise-like Sunshine Coast. Notice our emphasis on the word legitimate. At a time when many are too eager to give tips and information about migration even if they are not qualified, it is imperative to be warned: You may be duped with your hard-earned money or may lose your chance of obtaining the visa that you want to apply for.

Look for the MARA registration number

Of course, you don’t want either consequence to happen to you, so you want to get the visa for Australia the right way. By so doing, you can frolic on the beach, bask in the sun or do other things in Sunshine Coast’s Noosa without any hassles at all.

This part is actually easy: If you want to make sure that you are transacting with a legitimate migration agency, what you just need to do is look for its MARA registration number. MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority, and the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) is the government agency tasked to register immigration agents after they have satisfactorily passed the stringent requirements to become a migration agent for Australia.

Your trusted partner in Australian migration, Nowak Migration, is a proud holder of MARA registration number 1280062. Needless to say, you’re in good hands with us.

What you can do on Sunshine Coast

Now that you have already resolved the issue of the appropriate migration agency to help you with your visa and other concerns related to Australian immigration, you look forward to your time in Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

What to do there then? Let’s not delve into the obvious, which is enjoying the sea, sun, and sand. In Sunshine Coast, there’s more to the sunshine and the coast.

This spot on earth also boasts of a thriving dining industry. Well, it should be the logical next step to the booming beach resort business because beachgoers and other guests need to eat.

What’s good about the food business here is that you can always have a choice from the affordable roadside or beachside eateries to the fine-dining restaurants run by highly skilled chefs. Here, you can eat according to your budget and food preference.

If you have enough of your time at the beach and you need a diversion from it, don’t worry. Sunshine Coast does not run out of other options to keep yourself amazed and upbeat while you’re here. It is the seat of various national parks . . . not only one, two or three national parks, but many. One that stands out from the list is the Glass House Mountains National Park. As they say here, don’t leave Sunshine Coast without visiting this park.

There are just so many fun activities to do and interesting places to see in this part of Queensland. We dare say you’ll get your money’s worth when you decide to come to Sunshine Coast.

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And if you have questions in mind right now related to our topic, or about any topic involving Australian migration, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with any of our staff and consultants at Nowak Migration, the topnotch migration agent in Sunshine Coast and migration lawyer in Sunshine Coast.  We’re always willing and ready to answer your every query and give you expert advice.

All you have to do is give us a ring on +61 (07) 5625 3087.  If not, contact us through other means of communication or just book an appointment with our migration agent.

You can be assured of our transparency and honesty in dealing with you.  Our growing list of loyal clients can attest to that.

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And here’s a short video of what you can do on a Sunshine Coast