Why has my visa application been refused?


Why has my visa application been refused? – you’re asking

why-has-my-visa-application-been-refusedThere could be a number of reasons for the Department of Immigration to refuse your visa application. The good thing is they should make it clear in their statement what was the reason for visa refusal.

Examples of the reasons for visa refusal are:

  • You did not meet the conditions of your previous visa. Yes, how did you behave in the past is important. Your previous visas are being taken into consideration by the department while you’re applying for a new visa. And if they have doubts that you’ll do the same wrong thing they’ll refuse your new visa. Better admit up front you are sorry and it will happen never again and maybe, just maybe they’ll believe you.
  • You did not give the Department of Immigration enough information for them to believe the claims you made in your application are valid. Just saying that you have 100.000 AUD does not mean that you have it. You have to prove that and provide with your bank statement or the other document which would state you have access to these funds.
  • You do not meet Australia’s health or character requirements. This is a tough one. You don’t know the results of Health Assessment, they do, but – as long as you have made an onshore application you may ask MRT for review.
  • You gave the wrong information or made a false claim in your application. Not much to explain here if you have lied. If you were not aware that you are providing false information, that could be a different story. There’s a chance to win an MRT case.

These are just a few common problems people are facing when applying for an Australian visa. There is a lot more than that. It is a smart move to ask Migration Agent for assistance if you have doubts that your application is complete and error-free. If you already have your visa refused – well probably Migration Agent is the only person who can assess your situation and follow up with the Department of Immigration or MRT if not everything is lost yet.

Should you require assistance with your visa please do not hesitate to book a consultation with Migration Agent or contact us.