What happens if my 457 visa sponsor ends my employment?


What happens if my 457 visa sponsor ends my employment?

what-happens-if-my-457-visa-sponsor-ends-my-employmentIt happens that despite everything, businesses collapse made people redundant. From a business point of view, it doesn’t really matter whether a particular person is a 457 visa holder or not when they are assessing a need of a person for that particular position. That may pose a problem for them for the future if they will be willing to sponsor another person for 457.

It is a different story for you as a 457 visa holder. One of 457 visa conditions is that you can work only for this particular employer, who just made you redundant as long as he’s sponsoring you for this visa. In the other words – you are kind of “bonded to this particular employer as long as he sponsors you”, but the good news is you can change the sponsor irrespectively if you are made redundant, or you found “better” employer, as long as the new employer will be able to sponsor you for 457 visa of course. Simple, isn’t it?

Ok, once again:

A situation when your sponsor ends your employment:

  • you are having a 457 visa
  • you are employed by company A
  • you’ve been made redundant
  • from the moment you’ve been made redundant, you have 60 days to either
    • find employer B who will sponsor you for a 457 visa (you’ll keep your current 457 visa, only sponsor will change)
    • you can apply for another visa (skilled, partner, student – what would be the best in your particular situation – have a chat with Migration Agent)
    • visa leave Australia within 60 days, or before your visa expires (if it is less than 60 days)

A situation when you’ll find another sponsor:

  • you are having a 457 visa
  • you are employed by company A
  • you’ve found employer B who can sponsor you for a 457 visa
  • ask employer B to transfer your sponsorship. You’ll keep your current 457 visa, only sponsor will change.


Your 457 sponsor does not have the obligation to keep you for a duration of your visa, so it is in your best interest to look for an opportunity to secure your permanent residency as soon as you may become eligible, assuming you want to stay in Australia indefinitely. Although it is a sad story and always stressful situation being made redundant, you should start looking for new opportunities straight away because the time given you by the Department of Immigration to sort out your visa status is very limited.

If you’d like your visa situation assessed please do not hesitate to book a consultation or contact us.