New policy affecting medicals for Australian visas

medicals-onlineFrom 20th November some modifications concerning medicals came into effect. These are:

  1. All health functionality has been moved from DIBP’s processing systems to HAP portal
  2.  Improved plans for re-use of existing health assessments
  3. A revised TB screening and health matrix for kids
  4. An updated tendency to access list
  5. Automated referral on health undertaking to the state health clinics

the most reasonable as well as one of the most exciting one I believe may be the “re-use” plans. There’ll now be automatic re-use of medicals. We had to ask DIBP officers to search and reuse medicals, and then they had to go through the system to find them. Sometimes it had been faster to just do the medicals again. If all checks been performed previously system will immediately complete health. The automatic procedure makes it easier for physicians as they are able to view in the computer program what kind of medicals somebody has been doing and what is still outstanding for a new visa. More online visa programs are automatically associated with current health records. Current health records have to be within validity timeframes to be re-utilized.

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