Visa Cancelled? Reasons and Solutions.

Visa cancelled? Why my visa is cancelled?

Knowing possible conditions that can lead to cancellation of your Australian visa could be as important as your preparations of necessary documents to secure a visa. You don’t want to be losing what you have worked hard for by not being aware of the legislations and situations that can lead to having your Australian Visa cancelled. Knowing common cancellation reasons can also help you prevent related circumstances to happen even before applying for a visa.

Visa Cancelled due to Non-Compliance with Requirements

Australian Migration Act regards non-compliance to set conditions required for your respective visa as a reason for cancellation.  A sample situation is when a student visa holder does not perform satisfactorily in academics and fails in attending classes.

Be aware as well of the grounds related to granting your Australian visa since your visa will be cancelled when these no longer exist.  In any related case, you should be given a notice first by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and be given a chance to respond.   If this procedure of asking for your response did not transpire, you may be eligible to appeal.

Visa Cancelled due to Falsifying Documents and Incorrect Information

Incorrect or false information in your visa application may cause the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to cancel your visa.  Be sure to answer correctly all the questions on your visa application form and passenger cards.  Do not leave a question unanswered and double-check the accuracy of all information you give.

Advise the Department of Immigration and Citizenship if previous information you may have provided needs updating due to change which may arise while your application is being approved.  Submission of an inauthentic document to the Immigration office is also a ground for cancellation.

Visa Cancelled due to Criminal Records or Misconduct

A visa holder who has been engaged in crimes or instigated discord to the Australian community may be subject to visa cancellation.  Keeping your visa status would mean maintaining good moral character throughout your stay. If you do not want your visa cancelled, abide by the law and policies of the government.

 Australian Visa Cancelled: What to do?

Respond as soon as possible once you received a notification on visa cancellation. There may still be a chance to have your visa reinstated if you respond to the notice immediately. A bridging visa may be provided to you if you prefer to leave Australia because of your cancelled visa. If an extension of your stay in Australia is your option, you may raise your appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal or consecutively to the Courts.

Should you require any help or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.