IMMI s56 Request for More Information

26Did you receive IMMI s56 Request for More Information from the Department of Immigration and don’t know what to do next?

Please be ensured it’s nothing extraordinary. It means case officer has started considering your visa application and there are some documents missing or based on evidence provided there are some concerns and questions raised which need to be addressed. Getting this request is actually not a bad sign because once all the relevant documents will be provided in the right form and will address all the concerns in right manner case officer shall be in a position to grant a visa. Be careful – if you will not provide the requested information within the timeframe (usually 28 or 7 days) case officer may make a visa decision without waiting for documents, and you may imagine what the outcome might be. There are multiple reasons for the visa being refused, you don’t want to add another one to the list.

What should you do when asked to provide with additional information

First of all – don’t panic. Ther are usually 2 documents attached to an email from a Department of Immigration. The first one about the fact you are being requested to provide additional documents, second with a list of documents required. If you just forgot to attach some documents, upload them to the immi account and click the button documents provided. If the problem is more complex you might need to seek independent advice. We dealt with this kind of request many times on behalf of our clients who lodged applications by themselves and subsequently visas were granted. Should you require assistance do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

What to do to avoid getting section 56 request for documents


The best way to get a visa granted in the first place is to make an application complete. If the case officer would be able to “tick all the boxes” there would be no need to drag you for additional documents. They don’t like asking people for “more information” either, it delays the whole process, so consider their request as a favor and last chance to persuade the Australian Government to grant you a visa.  Keep in mind the department’s website is a good start for gathering information about visa requirements, but not all the required information is there. Make yourself a favor and engage a migration agent for your visa case from a beginning. Follow up by migration agent may cost you more than if you’d have engaged an agent from the very beginning.

Extending the time frame for providing documents for Section 56 request

Sometimes there is no way you can organize documents within the required timeframe. It is out of your control. In such a situation communication with case officer is crucial. You may consider asking for an extension of time. Make sure you’ll provide a good reason for your request.

The legal ground for S56 section request

SECT 56 of MIGRATION ACT 1958 states:
Further information may be sought

(1)  In considering an application for a visa, the Minister may, if he or she wants to, get any information that he or she considers relevant but, if the Minister gets such information, the Minister must have regard to that information in making the decision whether to grant or refuse the visa.

(2)  Without limiting subsection (1), the Minister may invite, orally or in writing, the applicant for a visa to give additional information in a specified way.

It does not mean that the minister himself will be looking for information, it could be his delegate – case officer.

How a request for additional information looks like.

The first file refers to details of the visa application and states the fact that more information is required. Gives the time for response and describes the expected form of an answer (email, letter or upload to the immi account).

2nd one is essentially the list of documents requested. Example below:

The following information is required to process your application for a XXXXXX TU) Student (subclass 500) visa.
All forms are available at www.border.gov.au/allforms
If you do not provide the information sought within time, or the information is unsatisfactory, your application may be decided based on the available information.
You can attach requested document(s) to your application through ImmiAccount. You will also be able to confirm our receipt of the attachments through ImmiAccount.
Do not email attachments as this will cause delays in the processing of your application. We do not send acknowledgement advices for the receipt of attachments.

This request checklist is for xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date of Birth xxxxxxx
Client ID xxxxxxxxxxx
Application Id xxxxxxxxx
See the attached “Request Detail”, which provides a detailed explanation relating to the checklist item(s) listed below.
 – Your curriculum vitae
 – Genuine temporary entrant criterion
The information provided below explains the requirements relating to the checklist item(s) listed above. 

followed by some explanatory notes.

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2 thoughts on “IMMI s56 Request for More Information

  • 16/03/2018 at 3:36 pm

    I lodged my skilled migration visa (190) on 15/12/2017, case officer had ask for 2 documents i.e marriage certificate and form 80 on 5/03/2018 which we submitted on 07/03/2018 . can you assist with that how long till case officer makes his decision .

  • 09/04/2018 at 2:29 am

    hello sir,
    I have applied my subclass 190 visa on 24 Nov 2017 and co contacted me on 1 February 2018. I have submitted the documents what they asked for on 2 February 2018 since then there Is no contact or response from the immigration. How long it will take to grant visa after co contacted? I have also submitted 1023 form which I made some mistakes in my visa application which is a minor one.co didn’t asked me anything regarding that on the day when he contacted me (I thought I have already provided documents like the evidence of my citizenship,state,medical details )but still I have cleared my part.Also on the day he contacted after providing my documents I have responded to his mail too..after that I didn’t contact him because I know it may cause delay in my application process.They requested me to provide employment evidene like taxation document and transcript to prove my education in Australia.I have given my transcript but I have alredy submitted my oversea employment evidence including salary slip,reference letter,bank statement( where I couldn’t get my salary slip)salary certificate (as I did volountary work for few months)which also included as my employment evidence.I was wondering why they still asked for more evidence like taxation document.Later,I made a check through the visa application and I found that I have claimed point for my Australian job which I couldn’t gain because I have less experience. I tried to fill 1023 to Put no to claim Australian job but before submitting that to the immigration I contacted the DIBP regarding this and they adviced me not to change any claimsing things as it may cause problem so just submit whatever I can.. so I submitted contract letter,position description, reference letter and some my salary slip (9 or 10 slips)
    of my current job on 2 February 2018 on the day after they asked for additional documents.Could you please tell me how long should I ait to get grant as it was really a stressfull process.

    Thanking you


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