How to hire overseas skilled people for your business?

How to hire overseas skilled people for your business pointing finger

Do you have a hard time finding skilled people for your business? We can do that for you

If you happen to be one of the business owners, company managers, or company heads in Australia who are constantly grappling with the problem related to finding suitably skilled workers for your firm, we are not surprised. We have been in the industry long enough to know many companies and organizations having the same problem as yours.

Given the enviable state of the economy right now, it is expected that existing businesses would expand, increase their operations, or branch out into other endeavors. At the same time, new businesses would crop up to take advantage of the healthy economic environment. What does this mean for the labor market? It only means more people are needed to keep the operations of these businesses going.

Unfortunately, the local labor market of the country is hard-pressed to supply the increasing demand for qualified workers. Recruiting them from the Australian labor force has become one of the urgent concerns not only of your company but of the Commonwealth government itself.

No less than the present administration is tackling the problem head-on with the launching of Skilling Australians Fund (SAF). The said fund is aimed at supporting the massive training and apprenticeships of able Australian citizens throughout the country with the view of equipping them to take on the various occupations that are up for grabs in the different industries. (If you want to know more about SAF, please read another article on the topic on this website by clicking this link SAF levy.)

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Hiring overseas is the answer

It may take some more time, though, before we reap the fruits of the program. But the need to fill your organizational chart with the right people cannot wait for that time to happen.

The need is urgent. Hence, we cannot fault you if you decide to train your sights outside Australia to look for the qualified workers that you need. It seems that’s the only alternative left for you to do.

The good thing about recruiting your staff overseas is that there are literally millions of well-educated and highly experienced professionals and workers who are aching to start a new life in the land of opportunities. Add to that the willingness of the Commonwealth government, through the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), to offer them work visas to apply for, most notable of them is the Temporary Skill Shortage visa, simply called TSS visa. This is the replacement of the popular 457 visa, which was responsible in bringing in waves of migrant workers into the country. All they need to do is to meet the requirements of the visa and obtain a sponsor.

Though it contains some amendments from the 457 visa, TSS visa still packs many enticing offers for the visa applicants. On your part, this is one of the comfortable means to recruit the people that you need. For more details about TSS visa, you may read popular skilled worker visa and other related articles in this website.

The TSS visa is not the only option, though. There are other visas that your potential nominee can apply for. Just keep in touch with Nowak Migration if you want more information on this.

Hiring staff overseas is not a walk in the park

Needless to say, the job of bringing in migrant workers to the country entails a lot of hard work and time. There are just so many concerns to attend to before you can hire a suitable employee from abroad. The rules and requirements imposed by the DHA can sometimes be too stringent for the visa applicant and the hiring party. Well, we cannot blame them: The Australian government just feels the need to bolster the integrity and quality of the country’s employer-sponsored skilled migration schemes.

Given the workload that you are currently having in your business, it may be impossible for you to do the hiring and the visa applications yourself, especially if immigration is not your strong suit. But even if it is, it can be too taxing for you to look after the operations of your business and the immigration concerns at the same time.

But you don’t have to worry. There’s an easy way out of the dire situation. The solution can come from our company Nowak Migration. Yes, you can leave your worries about hiring foreign workers and arranging their entry to the country to us.

Hiring staff overseas made easy with Nowak Migration

There’s nothing more comfortable on your part than to hire our services. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – finding the right people for your organization and doing the nitty-gritty of the immigration processes. That way, you can devote all of your time in running the affairs of your company or organization and not worry about hiring and immigration issues.

You may be surprised that we are offering our service to you in hiring your personnel. Well, be surprised no more: Nowak Migration may be known as a topnotch Australian migration agency, but we are also maintaining a network of professionals and experts from the other sectors and industries in the country. Hence, when it comes to your need for employees, we coordinate with human resource experts to provide you with the right personnel that you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Please keep in touch with us now. Our contact information can be found on this website: from our hotline numbers to our email address to our Facebook page to our YouTube channel and to our LinkedIn account.  Just choose the means of communication that’s most convenient for you.

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