Why people migrate to Australia ?


Why people migrate to Australia

There’s no arguing about the fact that Australia has become a favorite destination for people from all walks of life and from practically all parts of the globe. The application for various types of Australian visa has always been on the up and up for tourists and migrants alike. They are arriving in the country in droves. It is as if a huge unseen magnet is pulling them towards this spot on earth.

What might be the reasons foreign nationals don’t think twice about leaving the countries of their birth for an opportunity to start a new life here? A look at the census of immigrants would reveal helpful information about the factors that influence the exodus of foreign nationals to the land Down Under.

So why people migrate to Australia?

At the core of it all are the peace and stability that the country can offer to its residents and guests. Given the state of the peace and order the world has plunged into right now, people are scampering to find a place on the planet where they think they and their families can be safe and secure.

And if there’s one place in this world that we can consider genuinely safe and secure both for its people and its visitors that would be the continent-nation of Australia.  And it’s not difficult to see why.  While other countries – big and small, developed and underdeveloped – are grappling with peace and order issues, Australia remains immune from such threats.  You can hardly hear any news about this country getting embroiled in unfortunate circumstances involving the lives and limbs of its residents, if at all.

That explains why people from all over the world can’t wait to get hold of the permission from the Australian government for them to come here.

But there are more other reasons depending on the purpose of coming here.

Australia: a mecca of skilled immigrants

Skilled workers account for the huge chunk of immigrants that have established their permanent residence here. These are mostly recipients of the popular 457 visa which has just been abolished by Prime Minister Turnbull and replaced with the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa or subclass 482.

Finding competent skilled workers from the local labor market to support a burgeoning economy has been one of the pressing issues confronting the country. There really are not enough skilled Australians to satisfy an economy demanding for more workers.

It’s one of the reasons most businesses are left with no other choice but to turn to hire needed workforce abroad. With the prospect of maintaining a stable job that pays quite well here and a permanent residency, to boot, there’s no reason qualified candidates would turn down such an offer.

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Australia: the seat of world-class yet affordable education

The sector of skilled migrants is followed by the students. Australia is slowly becoming a favored choice among international students owing to its world-class but affordable standard of education. The country may not be as popular as, say, the US or UK owing to the traditional educational powerhouses such as Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge. But it takes pride in having seven of its universities in the top 100 among all universities and institutes of higher education in the whole world, which might be a good indicator for you to consider moving to Australia with your children.

And as if that’s not enough, the Australian government is dangling generous support to the brilliant individuals in the form of government scholarships and job opportunities after they have completed their studies here. Indeed, many foreign graduates from recognized universities throughout the country choose to remain and start their professional lives here than go back to their own countries.

Australia: where a family is a priority

Not to be left behind are the immigrants who come here on the strength of their family ties in the country. Foreign nationals who have relatives here stand a good chance at a family visa sponsorship. Australia has always been supportive of visa applications related to the family.  Proof of that is the number of family visa types to choose from – from partner visas to child visas and to parent visas.

The safety and security that we have mentioned earlier in this article prove to be the primary motivation why immigrants choose to start a new life with their family here and not in another country. Factor also in the equation the enviable healthcare system, the world-class educational system which we have just mentioned, the opportunity to earn a living, the retirement options and facilities, an environment that’s open to and considerate towards people of different cultures, beliefs, colors, races, and many others.

Choosing Australia for your family should be a no-brainer.

Australia: the secure investment haven

Businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs may not hold a candle to the preceding sectors in terms of sheer number, but their presence and contribution to the country’s vibrant economy cannot be sneezed at. Australia’s business environment would never be the same without them.

This sector pumps more capital and resources to an already vibrant economy, while the country provides the needed infrastructure and instruments to make their money grow.

Again, peace and order play a huge part in the flourishing symbiotic relationship, coupled with the healthy rapport Australia has cultivated with the equally burgeoning economies in Asia.

Australia: a shelter for refugees

The country stays true to its reputation as a hospitable host to people from various walks of life. And that includes the refugees.

The government of Australia and its people keep an open door for the displaced and suffering brothers and sisters whoever they may be and wherever they may be from.

Two types of visa are reserved for them under the humanitarian program, namely the refugee category visas and the visas for Special Humanitarian Programme (SHP).

Additional perks of living in Australia

 Australia does not only offer safety, peace of mind, comfort, convenience and affordability for immigrants; it offers much more.  We don’t have to remind you that it is the biggest country in the world; in fact, it is the only island-continent in the planet.  For that reason, we don’t have to tell you also that because of its size and its location, it maintains an endless list of sights to see, activities to get into, and amenities and conveniences for you to enjoy.

Here are just a few of the many attractions that will surely draw you here:

  • Enchanting natural monuments and mesmerizing landscape such as Kangaroo Island, Mount Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef
  • World-renowned beaches and natural inland swimming pools
  • Fascinating creatures such as the famous kangaroos, koalas, and wombats
  • Some of the world’s most beautiful cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Hobart, among others
  • A huge and well-maintained network of roads and routes with matching spectacular vistas
  • An endless list of hotels, resorts, apartments and many types of accommodation that suit your budget
  • Standard of living and quality of life for its people that are an envy of people from other places
  • Openness, cooperation, and common understanding among the residents of different background because of cultural diversity
  • A stable and transparent government that is run by an equipped political leadership

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    Plzzz mam or sir help me I want to confirm for Australia study visa , first time rejection came may I apply for second time

    • 04/06/2018 at 7:43 am

      It’s possible to apply after an initial rejection. We’d have to have a look at your particular situation if there are grounds for a visa to be granted. Please book a consultation if you’d like to discuss your situation.

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    Sir I had been trying since last two years to get Australian Immigration alongwith my family including my spouse(39yrs),daughter(8yrs),son(4yrs).I have done IELTS with L-8,S-8,R-7.5,W-7 in July 2016.Please suggest me if it’s really possible for me to come and settle in the land filled with opportunities.My Qual.-M.Sc.(Zoology),B.Ed. with 5yrs experience as Science Teacher and 8yrs continued experience of Secondary School Principal.Now serving as Principal in a Senior Secondary school,Amritsar,Punjab,India. Regards

    • 04/06/2018 at 7:41 am

      It might be possible, probably employer-sponsored visa would be the best bet for you. Please book a consultation if you’d like to discuss your options.

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