Same sex partner visa Australia ? ?

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Same sex partner visa Australia

You read it right: There’s an Australian same sex partner visa waiting for those who are in same sex relationships.

And you know what?  You don’t have to be married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to be able to acquire a same sex partner visa Australia.  Further, if you prefer having a relationship with somebody of the same gender as yours, no problem, you will still enjoy the same perks and privileges as the other types of relationships in Australia.

Are you blown away by the generosity, kindness, consideration, and hospitality of the Australian government and its people?  If you are not, then we don’t know what will.

Another piece of good news for those in same-sex relationships

As if the current situation is not good enough, here’s another bit of good news for those of you who are currently in a same-sex union.  Taking its cue from the legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) now considers the parties involved in a same-sex marriage as “spouses,” and no longer as de facto partners.

What does it mean to your plans to travel and stay in Australia?  It simply means that given the recent changes, if you are married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or qualified New Zealand passport holder, you can file for a same sex partner visa Australia application as your partner’s spouse.  That’s quite an upgrade from being a de facto partner before.  It further means that you are no different from the partners of a heterosexual union.

These changes will have an impact on all Partner visas Australia particularly subclasses 801, 820, 100 and 309.  These will even make corresponding changes to all Australian visas that involve spouses.

What’s even more?  You can qualify for a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) if you are in a same-sex relationship and has the honest and true intention of marrying your prospective spouse in Australia.

 Truly, the land Down Under has not only become a refuge for people looking for a safe and secure place to spend the rest of their lives in.  It has also become a sanctuary for couples whose relationships are not yet acceptable in their own society.

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Applying in Australia – same sex partner visa Australia subclasses 820 and 801

So if you have already decided to join your same sex spouse or partner here in Australia, here are the types of visa that you can apply for.

Granting you are already residing in the country on the strength of another valid Australian visa, you can apply for Partner visa subclasses 820 and 801.  Subclass 820 is also called temporary Partner visa, while subclass 801 is the permanent Partner visa.

All you need to do is to switch from your current visa to temporary partner visa subclass 820.  After about two years from applying of subclass 820, you will be evaluated for the permanent type, subclass 801.

Obtaining a permanent Partner visa can be considered a two-tier procedure.  Before you become eligible for it, you need to apply for a temporary Partner visa first.  The good thing about this process is that you can apply for both visas at the same time and pay only a single payment.

Once you are granted a subclass 820 visa, you automatically earn the opportunity to be evaluated for subclass 801 after two years since you submitted the application.

Benefits of visa subclass 820 for same sex partner visa applicants

First of all, the Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) permits you to live and work in the country while you are waiting for the decision about your permanent Partner visa application.  Aside from that, you can enroll in a school here but you are not granted access to government funding. You might also be eligible for medicare as a same sex partner visa applicant.

You can also take part in the national health care system called Medicare, and if you have dependent children, you can include them in your application.

Benefits of visa subclass 801 for same sex partner visa applicants

Like any subclasses that provide permanent residency status, permanent Partner visa (Subclass 801) offers all the benefits enjoyed by Australian permanent residents.

For one, you can live, study, and work in the country indefinitely.  Also, you might be able to sponsor your relatives for permanent residence, and you travel in and out of the country as you want.

Best of all, you have a shot at an Australian citizenship, which most of the immigrants are aiming for.

Shortcut to permanent residency

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the two-year period, there is a way to fast-track the acquisition of permanent Partner visa.  All you have to do is prove to the concerned authorities that you and your partner have been in a long-term relationship before you lodge your application.  Of course, this requires documents and proofs to support your claim.  If the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) certifies that you are indeed in a long-term relationship, the permanent Partner visa might be issued together with a provisional one.

Same sex partner visa lodged offshore subclass 100 and subclass 309

What if you are living outside Australia at the time of your visa application?  No problem — there are corresponding subclasses intended for your situation.  These are visa subclasses 100 and 309.  Subclass 100, also called permanent Partner (Migrant) visa, offers permanent residency for you while temporary Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309 gives you temporary stay in the country while waiting for the outcome of your permanent Partner (Migrant) visa application.

Very much like subclass 820 and subclass 801, you can apply for both of them at the same time and pay a single fee.  It also has a provision where you can speed up the granting of the permanent visa if you are able to prove that you and your partner have been in a long-term relationship.

The primary issue here is the fact that you are living abroad at the time of the application.  Processing of your application will be done at the visa office of Australia responsible for the country where you are living.  The approval of subclass 309 visa will allow you to travel to Australia to live with your spouse temporarily.  You can acquire permanent residency with the granting of subclass 100 normally two years after you lodged your application.

To sum up what we have been talking about, if you are living abroad, apply for temporary Partner (Provisional) visa subclass 309 and permanent subclass 100 later.  If you are already in Australia, avail of subclass 820 and subclass 801 combo.

Requirements for same sex partner visa Australia

What are the requirements that you need to meet before you can obtain a same sex partner visa for Australia?

First and foremost, you must be in a genuine relationship with a citizen, permanent resident of Australia or a qualified New Zealand passport holder.  For that reason, you should not be lower than 18 years of age (18 being the legal marrying age); otherwise, you need parental permission.  Or if you have yet to be married, you must be in a relationship for not less than one year unless your relationship is registered in an eligible state.

In addition to the above, you need to pass the usual requirements on health, character and other related parameters.

You also need to have a sponsor and it should be your spouse or partner.

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