Reasons for partner ? visa refusal ? Australia


Reasons for partner visa refusal Australia

Forewarned is forearmed.

There’s no better way to avoid an unfortunate incident from happening to you than to be knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding such an incident.  The same goes true for the application of a partner visa for Australia, or for any visa for that matter.

If you are currently working on the possibility of bringing your foreign partner to the country, you need to take note of the common reasons for partner visa refusal.

Let’s dive into them then.

Two most common reasons for Australian partner visa refusal

There are a number of reasons why the immigration officers of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) thumb down an application for an Australian partner visa.  In this article, let’s zero in on two most common ones, though.  Here they are:

  1. Relationship with the partner found not genuine

The DHA will always see to it that the visa applicant and the sponsor are keeping a real and long-lasting relationship.  In this day and age when foreign nationals are aching to come to Australia by any means possible, coupled with enterprising Australian citizens who may take advantage of the current situation for their personal gains, the immigration people are raising the bar of vigilance and meticulousness in an effort to weed out the fakes from the real.

If you or your partner is one of the hopefuls to get a partner visa for Australia, don’t be surprised if the DHA will require tons of evidence to support the legitimacy or genuineness of your relationship.

  1. Falsification of supporting documents and evidence

In their intense desire to enter the country of their dreams, some individuals would resort to inappropriate measures such as submitting fraudulent documents or tampered evidence just to get the coveted partner visa to Australia.

But, as we said above, the officers of the Australian immigration department are so eagle-eyed as to spot the counterfeit from the real McCoy.

The lesson here then is to abide by what is right and proper.

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