Where do you lodge a prospective marriage visa application and when do you make a spouse visa application?

A prospective marriage visa application is only able to be lodged offshore i.e. when the visa applicant is out of Australia and the application is made at the Australian Mission responsible for processing prospective marriage visa applications for the usual country of residence of the visa applicant.  Evidence of meeting between the prospective marriage partners and supporting documents are essential for a prospective marriage visa.  A spouse visa application can be made either onshore in Australia or offshore depending on where the visa applicant is.  If the visa applicant is in Australia and there is a “no further stay condition” (8502) condition on the current visa, the application cannot be made in Australia and the visa applicant will need to go back to the usual country of residence or any other country that will let the visa applicant stay for the duration of the processing of the visa application.  The visa application then would need to be made from the usual country of residence of the visa applicant at an Australian Mission visa office responsible for that country’s visa applications.