Bringing family ? members of foreign workers to Australia


Happy people produce happy results.

This is a proven dictum in the workplace.  Anyone who has supervised a team of workers can attest to the fact that subordinates who are happy in what they are doing and satisfied with the overall working conditions in the company or organization will always generate more and good-quality output as opposed to the ones who are just getting along the daily grind because they need the salary for survival.

Happy, contented and motivated individuals may not even consider their work as a job but as a calling; others may even regard it as a hobby.  More often than not, they are ones who are always willing to go the extra mile for the company to hit its target.

And we need not remind you that one of the best ways to make people happy and inspired is to have their loved ones, especially the family members, with them most of the time.

Try to compare a foreign national working here who is away from their family against the one who is having their family by their side.  It’s a no-brainer: the latter is happier and more productive than the former.

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Possible visas to consider

If you are an owner or a manager of a business in Australia who is thinking of bringing in the family members of some of your foreign workers here, you are lucky.  You know why?  The reason is that Australia has always sided with the wishes of eligible visa holders to bring their family or relatives to the country.  That’s one hurdle along the way that’s automatically removed from your to-do list.

As a matter of fact, there’s a myriad of Australian visa types to choose from for this purpose.  First off, there are visa options for the partner of your employee.  The term “partner” does not only refer to their spouse; it also covers someone they are not married to.  For the latter, your worker just needs to prove that their relationship with their partner is genuine and long-lasting.

For their children, they can select from several child and adoption visa options.  They can even bring children that are not biologically theirs such as the children of their partner from previous relationship or relationships.

If your employee wishes to bring their parents here, they also can.  We know that parents serve as their inspiration and strength.  The Australian government knows this very well, too; therefore, it has reserved a good number of visa options for parents.

Truly, there may never be any country in the world as welcoming to foreign citizens as Australia.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of visa types available for the family members and relatives of your employee yet?  If you are not, we don’t know what will.  Indeed, choosing a visa for the dependents of your foreign workers does not seem to give you any problem.

By the way, if you want to know more details about the various dependent and family visas for Australia, you can find them in the other articles on this website.

Problem with time and know-how

Choosing a visa for the family members and relatives of your employees should not be a problem as we said above.  The real issue is the time as well as the knowledge how visa processing works.

If you already have so much on your plate related to the running of your business, we’re pretty sure you no longer have any time left to attend to the processing of the visas of your valued foreign employees’ dependents.  Visa processing is a career of its own, perhaps quite different from the one you are currently doing, and thus needs different skills set.

What to do when you are not equipped for the task?  Do you just abandon the thought of making the families of your foreign staff complete in Australia?  No.  Fortunately for you, there are companies that provide solutions to your problem.  One of which is our very own Nowak Migration.

Nowak Migration can help you with visa applications and more

Since our company is a licensed migration agency for Australia, we can help you in determining the right visas for the dependents of your employees.  This alone takes much time and effort because we need to study the individual circumstances of the visa applicants. After doing that, we will recommend the visa that fits the applicant.

That is just for starters.  The bigger work commences in the documentation and gathering of evidence, organizing the paperwork and preparing the application, submission of the application and the ensuing follow-ups with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) until it is approved.

Obviously, visa processing is not a walk in the park.  Besides the skills-set and experience that it requires, it also needs patience, determination, and people skills on the part of the migration agent.  While they know the ins and outs at the DHA, they should also know how to deal with the officers of the immigration department on both the professional and personal levels.

We are proud to say we have what you need in all aspects of visa processing.  In fact, Nowak Migration now sits at the upper level of the totem pole among the migration companies operating in the country.  Our records and our contented clients will speak for themselves.

Name the need of your employees’ dependents and we will assist you with it.  You may wonder how we are able to do all of these tasks.  Well, we maintain a good network of professionals and experts from other fields so that you don’t need to source them out yourselves.

You get it right: Nowak Migration is a veritable one-stop shop for most of your immigration and business needs since we work with highly qualified migration specialists, accountants, business brokers, realtors, transportation providers, health insurers, lawyers specializing in business law, people in the academe and others.

If you decide to choose us, you will practically not lift a finger on the visa applications as well as on the other needs of your employees’ dependents.  That would be a lot of work being unloaded from your shoulders.

Hence, with Nowak Migration, you, your foreign employees and their dependents are amply covered.

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