5 reasons why volunteering is worth your time ⏰ as an international student


As a student, you may ask yourself if it is really a good choice to spend your time volunteering. Most students who say “yes” find that there are both immediate and long-term benefits to serving. The advantages are so clear that most schools and universities promote and advertise opportunities for students to volunteer. If you are still uncertain as to whether to try it out, consider the potential benefits of volunteering.

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Apply for Australian visa

apply for australian visa writer

Apply for Australian visa – how to make it right. 8 useful tips from industry insider for successful Australian visa applications: Give due credence to evidence; Check the consistency of your public records and social media posts; Nail that detail; Honesty is the best policy; Accuracy is another important policy; Be neat and orderly; Follow schedules, deadlines and instructions; Hire the services of a migration agency

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GTE Australia ?‍??‍?

gte australia student

GTE Australia. GTE simply means Genuine Temporary Entry. ?‍? Applications for an Australian student ?‍? visa are evaluated based on the parameters set forth in the GTE Australia assessment. Decision makers of the Department of Home Affairs weigh the merit of your application based on six factors, to wit: Your situation in your home country, Your possible situation in Australia, Value of the course to your future, Your Immigration History, Other relevant matters, More documents or information

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Migration to Australia from India ☝️ with Nowak Migration

migrate to australia from india dancers

Migration to Australia from India ☝️ Australian government offers plenty of different categories and subclasses of Australian visa. For purposes of our discussion here, let’s just focus on four common and popular ones, namely visas for skilled workers ?‍? students, partners ? and parents ? ? If you happen to be any of the mentioned sectors, the future is bright for you in the land of opportunities.

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Australian visa details check for employers


Businesses that are employing workers from overseas must check the visa work entitlements of their prospective or current employee. If in doubt it is always the best idea to talk to a professional – a migration agent who can and explain all the conditions of the visa. Give us a call if you need any advice.

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