Amendments to Working Holiday visas

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Here are the changes to the working holiday visas as announced by an Australian Prime Minister:
– A second visa is dangled to the holders of visa subclass 462 if they do agriculture-related (plant and animal) work in priority areas.
– Extension of the stay of the holders of either subclass 417 or subclass 462 from six to 12 months if they work for the same agricultural employer.
– A third-year visa option for the holders of subclass 417 and subclass 462 who beginning July of next year (2019) can work six months of regional work on their second year.
– Expansion in the number of areas made available to subclass 462 visa holders by lifting the annual limit intended for some countries included in the subclass 462 program.
If you want to know more – read the whloe article.

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How to verify work rights of foreign workers

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How to πŸ€” verify work rights of foreign workers? We know already that this and that visa has work rights while others don’t have.Β  The question now is this: How can you ascertain if a particular foreign employee of yours has work rights at certain times in the duration of their contract with you? VEVO comes with help.

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