Our Migration Agent Karol Nowak reliably verifies your case and presents the best options for you.

During the consultation with Migration Agent you’ll learn about:

  • What your visa options are?
  • What is the best visa option for you?
  • How much does it cost to get the visa?
  • How long does the visa process take?
  • What documents are required when applying for a visa?
  • Migration Agent will answer your question, too.


Consultation with the Australian Migration Agent Karol Nowak (MARN 1280062) is a 45 minutes professional visa advice.

Consultation can be done by:

  • phone*
  • skype
  • in person at our office in our Sunshine Coast office located in Noosa

The cost of this visa advice is 300AUD**

*    Charles Karol Nowak calls back to the customer (on the appointed day & time).

FREE download Info about Consultation (pdf.)

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Consultation with Migration Agent Australia Karol Nowak